General Questions

The Canyon Run is a planned annual event which has the goal to bring Vintage Motorcycle, enthusiasts and fans together for a weekend. Seeing these bikes running up close while being in great company.

We allow any type of bike on the run. Whether you have a rat bike, chopper, tourer, adventurer, sport bike, or cafe racer does not matter. The one thing we do care about is that all riders are respectful of others no matter what bike!

Yes, you can join the Vintage Motorcycle Canyon Run with a bike of any age however we have a limited amount of slots available in the "Open Bike" class.

A bike qualifies as Vintage if it is 30 Years or older, you can see the full rating scale below;

  • Current Bike 2006-2016
  • Classic Bike 1986-2006
  • Vintage Bike 1900-1986

The registration fees are setup to  help us put on this and future Canyon Runs. It pays for the food, as well as costs regarding the overall organization of the run.

You sure can, bring friends and family. Please notify us of anyone you bring with you who is not riding and on the registration, it will allow us to account for food and other supplies. Food for additional guests will be charged separately.

As long as you have a legal license, allowing you to ride during day time and at highway speeds you can register for the run. We do ask that you have your drivers license and supporting documents with you for the run. If you have not ridden in large groups before we will provide some instruction on our site as well as before the run.

If you feel uncomfortable riding in groups or are unsure of yourself we can pair you up with someone in the rear of the field. A word of warning, if you are uncomfortable about formation riding or have never done it, please practice before the run and let volunteers at the event know. We want this to be a fun and safe event for all participants so it is crucial that you let us know of any issues.

Run Questions

While we plan to depart from the staging point between 9-10am however will have a rider briefing and pancake breakfast put on by the Gospel Riders at the staging point before then. We would recommend to arrive around 7-8am so that you can meet the other riders enjoy some food and attend the briefing.

Approved riding gear is a must! Aside from that we encourage you to bring any supplies or specialty items you may need for your bike. Other than that just put on a good smile and get ready for some fun!

If you are camping, you will need to bring your camping supplies. If you have water bladders or caps to keep your head cool we would also recommend that. Sunscreen and shades are definitely advisable.

We are trying to ensure enough support vehicles to allow for the transport of your gear, however there will be limited space. Contact us and we can check with volunteers to find out how to transport your gear for you.

As this is common with classic/vintage bikes we are scheduling fuel stops in intervals. This will give the bikes that need fuel a chance to gas up and other riders to take a brake to chat. We will have our fuel stops marked on the website (under The Canyon Run section) as well as provide handout cards in case you may get lost.

Yes, we will be structuring the field to ensure that we have volunteers/group leaders with numbers of riders. This grouping will be announced closer to the run date.

We will be structuring the field by classes of bikes, type of bikes and rider comfort level, this will be announced closer to the run.

While we understand that once in Lillooet you can have Alcohol (served by the legion or brought with you), we want to make you aware that we will not allow any rider under the influence of alcohol to ride on this run. Drink after the long rides but not when we are riding. Booze and two wheels don't mix!

If you are on any medication that could cause you trouble during the ride please prepare yourself for hot temperatures and plenty of riding. We will have flats of water for you to dehydrate during the run and ensure that you have a good time!

Illegal Substances, we want to make clear that we do not condone any illegal substances on this run and will eject anyone found to be under the influence of such while riding or taking part in this run. We are lucky enough to be able to put this run on and have the support of the Town of Lillooet as well as other riding organizations and will not jeopardize it!


No, you do not pay extra for camping.

No, if you choose to use a motel/hotel you will have to pay this separately. Make sure to register your room well in advance as they are being booked fast.

Yes they can, however please advise us of how many will be along for the fun. Food will be a separate charge for any additional unregistered guests.

Yes, there will be additional costs for food for any additional person which has not been registered.