2016 Vintage Motorcycle Canyon Run Photos by Philipp zu Putlitz

At the Start

These are photos of the staging point of the 2016 Vintage Motorcycle Canyon Run.

Getting on the Road

After the great breakfast put on by the Gospel Riders we are on our way!

On the Road to Lillooet

The road to Lillooet requires fuel stops, here are some of them.

Arrived in Lillooet

These shots are of our arrival at the Cayoosh Campground as well as in Lillooet.

Show n' Shine Event in Lillooet

These are photos of the event at the Legion in Lillooet and the presentation of the Canyon Run awards.

Photos at the Reynolds and Hotel Victoria in Lillooet

The next day we took some photos at the Reynolds Hotel and Hotel Victoria after a big breakfast at the Legion.

Last Photos Near Lillooet

Last Photos near Lillooet at the Lillooet Get Rugged sign.

On the way to Spences Bridge

Once on the road we had to stop at the Lillooet sign before we went onto our trip to Spences Bridge.